Instructions to be Read to Candidates Before the Start of the Paper

When they enter the classroom/lecture theatre/hall at around 9.30am

1."Please leave your bags outside the classroom (leave your bags at the side/front of the hall). Please remember to have a 2B pencil and an eraser with you".

2. "Place your identity card or your student EZlink card on the right corner of the table".

3. (Once they are in their seats) "If you need to use the washroom, please do so now".

Once they are settled down and at around 9.45am

4. "The use of electronic devices e.g. handphones, PDAs, electronic dictionary are strictly prohibited during this competition. Anyone found in possession of any electronic devices will be regarded as having cheated in the competition and hence, may be awarded zero".

5. "Please check that you do not have any mobile devices or any written notes with you, be in on the table, under the table or in your pocket. If you do, please remove the notes now and keep them in your bag".

6. "Honesty is to be maintained throughout the competition. The act of passing, borrowing and/or lending any items is treated as dishonest act".

Student-invigilators are to walk around and check. Once everyone is ready, student invigilators to start distributing the OMR and OMR instructions first.

Once every candidate receive their OMR...

7. "Please write down and shade your name in the OMR". (Student-invigilators to walk around and check).

Around 9.55am, student-invigilators are to distribute the question papers

8. "Please do not turn over the question paper yet".

9. (Once everyone receives the question paper) "There are a total of n (check the no. of pages!) printed pages, including the cover page. There are m questions in total. Please check that every question is printed properly and is clear".

10. "If you have any questions, please kindly raise your hand and our invigilators will attend to you shortly".

Give the candidates 1 min to check the paper (and wait till it is 10am sharp)

11. "If there are no questions, the time now is 10am. This is a 2 hours paper and it will end at 12pm. You may start the paper".

At 11.45am,

12. "You still have 15 minutes left".

At 11.55am,

13. "You still have 5 minutes".

At 12pm

14. "Your time is up. Please stop writing and put your pencils down. Our invigilators will be collecting the OMR, OMR instructions and the question papers".

One group of the student-invigilators will collect the question papers/OMR/OMR instructions. After the papers are collected, the other group of student-invigilators will distribute kit kats and drinks to the candidates.

15. "Every candidate will be receiving a pack of kit kat and a drink. Please consume the food outside the competition venue".

Once all the papers are accounted for...

16. "Thank you very much. We have come to the end of the competition. Please kindly leave the classroom/hall/lecture theatre quietly. Please check and do not leave anything behind".

Student-invigilators are to comb the venue for any belongings left by the candidates. They are also reminded to remove the stickers on the table. Ensure the venue is clean.

Instructions to invigilators:

a. Write the name of the paper and the duration.

b. If there is no wall clock in the venue, you may consider flashing a digital clock using the projector. (Improvise if necessary!)

c. Ask the candidates to check the number of printed pages and also the number of questions on the question paper.

d. When all is in order, please instruct the candidates to start the paper.