Frequently Asked Questions

At school (before leaving for the external centres): | At the external centre: | At school (when you returned from the external centres):

At school (before leaving for the external centres):

Q: What happened if students do not report on time?
A: Ask the chief or assistant chief student (for the group) to call these students. If they are not contactable or unable to attend, please mobilise the reserves.

Q: What happened if the group still need manpower even after mobilising the reserves?
A: Please report to the teacher in-charge (Mr Kent Cheong)

At the external centre:

Q: What do I need to do if the bus driver is late?
A: Do note that some selected buses will be picking up HCI students/teacher from various external centres. Please liaise with the other HCI teachers who are also in your bus first. If you need any further help, please contact Mr Kent Cheong.

Q: There are not enough question papers. What do I do?
A: There are a couple of spare questions. Please check the quantity before you leave HCI.

Q: The venue(s) looks different from what I have expected. What can I do?
A: There should not be a major change in the seating arrangement. It is important that every candidate is accounted for.

Q: What do I do if the candidate ask about a question in the paper?
A: Do not help them. Ask them to read the question(s) carefully. Only if necessary, report this to the HCI teacher. The HCI teacher will report the question to Ms Wang Qian (94795897) or Mr Zong Lixing (97261436).

Q: Do we allow replacements?
A: Yes, if the school has informed the organizer (Dr Chew Tyng Yong) or they will be emailing Dr Chew to seek clearance.

At school (when you returned from the external centres):

Q: Who do I (HCI teacher) pass the question papers/OMR/OMR instructions/candidates instructions to?
A: Please pass all the 3 items (plus the basket of stationery) to Ms Wang Qian / Mr Zong Lixing at LT2. If you need help, please contact Mr Kent Cheong.

Q: Do I release the students when we reach HCI?
A: Yes, you can release most of the students. Please ask the chief and the assistant to help you carry and return the items. But HCI teacher MUST ensure that the question papers, OMR and instruction sheets are returned to Ms Wang or Mr Zong personally.

Q: Who do I contact to whenever I have any unforeseen problem?
Mr Kent Cheong (All enquiries pertaining to SMOPS (External Centre))
Ms Wang Qian (Enquiry pertaining to Exam Questions)
Mr Zong Lixing (Enquiry pertaining to Exam Questions)